Our most important job is taking care of ourselves.

Steve Rosen, Teacher and Certified Circle of Life Coach


“Steve’s calm, cool demeanor was helpful, as well as the way he gently directed us to healthy ways of looking at challenges and sharing with each other.” - Michelle

Coaching and Trainings

  • Individual Personal and Online Coaching (Discount for Educators)
  • Coaching Trainings for Corporations, Agencies, Institutions and Universities
  • Health and Wellness Trainings and Retreats

About Steve

I’ve been doing wellness programs for over 30 years. I started focusing on wellness when I realized that no one was paying much attention to the health of educators. I’ve learned many tools for self-care, all of which relate to maintaining energy. When I discovered the Circle of Life, it was clear to me that it was an excellent structure and system for lasting personal change. This system helped me to make significant personal changes, so I decided to see if I could pass it on to others. I have coached many groups now . The results have been dramatic. In every group, people make significant changes in their lives. The Circle of Life System is exceptionally effective! My goal now is to share with the community, as well as educators, what I have learned about self care.
– Steve Rosen, Teacher, Certified Circle of Life Coach, Salem, Oregon

More About Steve

The Circle of Life

Steve Rosen Certified Circle of Life CoachThe Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching process is a best practice lifestyle coaching method. Its six phases maximize accountability and support continuous improvement for work-life balance, stress management, better health, and peace of mind.

Phase 1 – Assessment and Self-Inquiry
Phase 2 – Readiness for Change
Phase 3 – Design Change with Intentions, Goals, Challenges, Affirmations, Actions and Accountability
Phase 4…
More About Circle of Life

The Circle of Life is your “Ready to Go”, Step-by-Step Coaching System. Learn More