My Story

Steve Rosen Wellness Coach hiking

"With thought and planning, our lives can be happier and healthier."

I believe that our most important job is taking care of ourselves, because when we are healthy and energetic we can help take care of the important people in our lives, which is our next most important job. I believe that people are neither good nor bad. I believe that we are all fallible human beings, who do some good things, and make mistakes. I believe that with thought and planning our lives can be happier and healthier – that we can “flourish” as described by Martin Seligman in the book of the same name.

I’ve been doing wellness programs for over 30 years. I started focusing on wellness when I realized that no one was paying much attention to the health of educators. I’ve learned many tools for self-care, all of which relate to maintaining energy. When I discovered the Circle of Life, it was clear to me that it was an excellent structure and system for lasting personal change. This system helped me to make significant personal changes, so I decided to see if I could pass it on to others. I have coached many groups now . The results have been dramatic. In every group, people make significant changes in their lives. The Circle of Life System is exceptionally effective! My goal now is to share with the community, as well as educators, what I have learned about self care.

– Steve Rosen, Teacher, Certified Circle of Life Coach, Salem, Oregon