More Testimonials

“For me, the Circle of Life provided positive experiences and opportunities:

  • for self reflection
  • to re-examine my own values, and priorities;
  • for change and growth with a guided systematic process;
  • to develop relationships with people in the District that I would not otherwise meet.

There is a direct relationship between what is gained from a class or workshop and the effort or commitment that the participant is willing to give the experience. For those willing to make a sincere commitment, this is a great opportunity.” - April

“When you decide that you want to make a change in your life, it is much easier to surround yourself with like-minded people. Participating in the Circle of Life group gives you that opportunity. It doesn’t matter whether you want to reduce stress, get a handle on your finances, increase your spirituality or work on any of the other areas offered in this class, you will find support and encouragement from the instructor and the other members. Being in the Circle of Life group will help you focus on the change(s) that you want to make, give you instruction on how to successfully pursue those changes, along with providing you the support group to encourage you while you work toward them. As a former Circle of Life participant, I highly recommend it. It was a great opportunity to focus on making a change, along with meeting new people and making new friends!” - Lori M.
“This was awesome! Steve is so good at being our coach! We appreciate him.” - Mae
“Thank you for this Circle of Life class. It was so helpful and insightful. I am glad I was able to get into the class. I will continue to learn and receive victories!” - Cheryl
“Thank you for all your effort on my/our behalf…bringing a new, very useful awareness to overcoming the whatevers and giving us tools for personal growth.” - Ann
“Thank you for changing so many parts of my life!” - Tara
“Thank you for leading me through a great experience.” - Marni
“Steve’s calm, cool demeanor was helpful, as well as the way he gently directed us to healthy ways of looking at challenges and sharing with each other.” - Michelle
“The class made me think about myself and what I need to accomplish. Steve gave us ways to think about how to accomplish goals.” - Tammy
“What was helpful was the encouragement, accountability, and learning a healthier way of looking at myself and life.” - Christy