Trainings Offered

Types of Trainings

  • Coaching Trainings for Corporations, Agencies, Institutions and Universities
  • Health and Wellness Trainings and Retreats
  • Individual Personal and Online Coaching (Discount for Educators)

Wellness Trainings Topics

  • Burnout: Prevention & Cure – Learn what you can do to prevent and cure that “I can’t stand this job for one more day” feeling.
  • Overload – How to cope with seemingly overwhelming responsibilities
  • Dealing With Uncertainty – Strategies for dealing with being in limbo
  • Dealing With Difficult People & Situations – What to think, feel, do and say
  • Willpower – Recent research about what affects self-control and how to increase it
  • Stress Management Tools – A variety of techniques for coping with life’s challenges
  • Helpful Thinking In Difficult Times – Develop a plan to get through particularly tough situations
  • Conserving Personal Energy – Figure out what gives energy, what takes it away, and how to have more of it!
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